Title: 29, Single & Nigerian
Author: Naija Singlegirl
Category: Fiction
Price: ₦ 900
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Edikan is naïve, materialistic, incredibly thirsty and bordering on delusional. This lady has nothing going for her and is completely unprepared for ‘adulting’. You would think the reverse would be the case, considering her background, but it turns out growing up in poverty doesn’t necessarily make you realistic. This book is absolutely hilarious; but it’s not all fun and games and in the midst of the humor, the author touches on some serious issues. Like the experiences of unemployed graduates in this current clime, with unscrupulous people looking to swindle you at every point , everybody’s obsession with marriage in this country, and the patriarchal system that dictates that a woman is nothing if she doesn’t have a man.
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  • ololaleye great book a very good read

    Reply Mar 23, 2017 2:38:32 PM
  • uzynwa 29 single and nigerian excellent. very relatable

    Reply Mar 15, 2017 5:27:08 PM