Melodies of Love
Title: Melodies of Love
Author: Amaka Azie
Category: Romance
Language: English
Price: ₦ 500
No. of Words: 51298
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Downloads: 276
  • Romance
  • Fiction
  • music
  • drama
  • african
  • Nigerian
  • Accomplish Press

After her teenage romance with now popular music star, Aristar, ended in a disastrous heartbreak twelve years ago, Adaora finds herself thrust back into his life when her financial firm is employed to organise Aristar’s finances. She has a fortress built around her heart and finds it hard to trust. Can she forget the bitter past and allow love to find her once again, or is the past enough to shatter her dreams of happily ever after forever? Ikenna, one of Nigeria’s highest paid musicians, is finally at the top of his game. He has fame, more money that he could ever dream of, and the life he has always wanted. He seems to have it all, but something is missing. In spite of all the women who throw themselves at him, the one person he can't seem to forget is Adaora. He has manipulated events to bring her back into his life, but will he be able to convince her to give them another chance, or will the bitterness of the past destroy their chance at happiness?
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  • UniqueFunmi cant buy or read, kindly assist

    Reply Nov 7, 2018 10:50:41 AM
  • UniqueFunmi cant buy or read, kindly assist

    Reply Nov 7, 2018 10:50:40 AM
  • egoadu ego interesting!

    Reply Sep 21, 2018 9:37:28 PM
  • ekaette Lovely! Amaka captured this fairytale perfectly. The twists and turns in the story capture the everyday reality in our society!\n\ncould not put this down until I got to the very end.....

    Reply Aug 26, 2018 5:41:43 PM
  • AMONUogechi Wow You kept me enthralled

    Reply Jul 21, 2018 11:14:30 PM