The Silence We Eat
Title: The Silence We Eat
Author: Oyindamola Shoola
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Price: ₦ 500
No. of Words: 15420
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In this poetic-prose anthology, the 2017 Nigerian Writers Award winner; Oyindamola Shoola returns to project the silent stories of many women. The Silence We Eat merges stories of places where women have walked, and their bodies have survived. It is about the trajectory of silence and how it leads us home, sometimes, to find our voices. Oyindamola shows us that often, silence is deafening, detaching, choking, empty, and fading but then, it becomes finding, rediscovering healing, and wholeness.
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  • faloluomobola The silence we eat it's a book everyone both male and female should read. it's time to readjust our culture and learn some new things. The silence we eat says it all - the book is a voice on its own.

    Reply Oct 11, 2018 12:06:30 AM
  • UgochukwuDamian The silence we eat takes one through the journey of domestic violence and abuse. "How much did one know of the true feelings of those who do not have a voice?" This book also serves as a voice for women whose voices have been buried by shame.

    Reply Oct 1, 2018 3:33:12 PM