Waiting For The Bouquet
Title: Waiting For The Bouquet
Author: Audrey Timms
Category: Romance
Language: English
Price: ₦ 200
No. of Words: 86769
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Downloads: 435

Waiting For The Bouquet is a story that cuts across different personalities of 'marriageable' ages going through a process before marriage. Lies, pretense,lust, anger, greed, secrets, love and so much more are embedded in these spell-binding stories of ladies waiting for the bouquet.
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Comments (18)

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  • Timmy1 Good book.. I recommend it for all

    Reply Aug 8, 2018 7:08:57 PM
  • Greatkc2 How can I get these books: waiting for the bouquet and moving forward by Audrey Timms

    Reply Jul 22, 2018 4:47:41 PM
  • jifeoma Waiting for the bouquet Very interesting and educative indeed

    Reply Mar 9, 2018 8:54:11 PM
  • Saheedah Pls I want to buy your book where do I purchased from

    Reply Dec 9, 2017 10:32:12 PM
  • Mizsylviah1 Superb Just finished reading and i must say it blew me away............U are good Audrey\n

    Reply Sep 12, 2017 4:14:30 PM